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I am having difficulty connecting my Instagram/Facebook
I am having difficulty connecting my Instagram/Facebook

Try these few steps to troubleshoot

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Please follow the following to fix this:

  • Go to this page, Scroll to the bottom of the popup, and click "Remove app"

  • Go ahead and confirm It

  • Then go to this page and Remove the Ocoya app from there too If It shows up, but usually it is just at Business Integrations

  • The next thing Is to go to Ocoya and disconnect it from the platform. Click Socials, then head over to the Facebook/Instagram you need to delete, click the little three dots as shown in the picture, and delete, go ahead and reconnect

If that fails, please ensure your accounts are 'Business' by following this article and/or the screenshots below.

  • Go to your Instagram settings, go ahead and click Account type and tools and click Switch to Professional Account

  • Choose Business

  • Go to the Page, click Settings, then Linked accounts and Disconnect the Instagram account from the page and connect it again


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