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Connect Your Instagram Business Account to Ocoya
Connect Your Instagram Business Account to Ocoya

Connect and select Instagram business accounts to link with Ocoya.

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To Connect Instagram Business Account to Ocoya:

  1. Go to "Socials" and click on "Connect" or "Connect Profiles" (see in the top right corner).

  2. Click "Connect" under "Instagram Business."

  3. Click "Authenticate with Facebook." Here, ensure you sign in to the Facebook account associated with the Instagram account you wish to connect. Make sure you have admin privileges for the corresponding Facebook Page.

  4. Now, click on "Continue." You will be redirected back to Ocoya.

  5. Select all the Instagram accounts you want to connect with and finally click on "Connect".

  6. Done! Your Instagram business accounts are now connected. You should see them under "Socials" with a small "Green" active circle.

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