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Connecting your Instagram Business account to Ocoya
Connecting your Instagram Business account to Ocoya

How to connect and choose which Instagram Business accounts to connect to Ocoya.

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Instagram Business accounts are supported by Ocoya. Please see this page if you're unsure the type of Instagram account you have. While linking your Instagram account should just take a few minutes, permissions issues with Instagram and/or Facebook are common, so we recommend carefully following these instructions.


  • Instagram creator accounts do not support direct scheduling from the publishing dashboard. While you will be able to join the account, posts that are set to be published automatically will fail and an error will appear.

  • We can only pull Instagram data into the analytics dashboard for accounts with 100 or more followers due to API limits. While connecting accounts with fewer than 100 followers is technically possible, no data will be available.

Connecting your Instagram Business account

  1. Follow the steps here to change your Instagram personal profile to a business account if you haven't already.

  2. From the menu on the left-hand side of your screen, select Socials.

  3. Click Instagram. (If you already have channels connected, click Connect New Channel and then click Instagram.)

  4. Select Authenticate with Facebook. In order to connect Instagram Business accounts to Ocoya, they must be linked to a Facebook Page. This is why the authentication process needs to be completed within Facebook.

  5. Click Login after entering your Facebook login credentials. You only need to enter your password and click Continue if you're already logged into Facebook.

    Note: You must login to the personal Facebook profile associated with your Instagram account that has the admin position on the Facebook Page. You won't see your Instagram Business account displayed in the next step if you log into a Facebook profile that doesn't have the admin position on the Page, or if your profile isn't set up correctly as an admin within Facebook Business Suite.

  6. You'll have to give Ocoya permission to access your Facebook account. On the next question, click OK and then Continue as [name]. (If you already have another Facebook or Instagram account connected to Buffer that was allowed through the same Facebook personal profile, you won't see these steps. Instead, you'll see a message urging you to keep your current settings. Make no changes to this section and simply click Continue as [your profile name]).

    Note: There's an option to "Choose what you allow" here. Due to Facebook's restrictions, this choice must be displayed in this phase; however, changing any of the permissions here would prevent us from authenticating with Facebook and connecting your Instagram account.

  7. Select the Instagram channel with which you'd like to connect. and click Add to Ocoya.

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