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Re-authorizing the connectivity between Ocoya and social networks
Re-authorizing the connectivity between Ocoya and social networks

How to reconnect your social networks if they become disconnected.

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If your Facebook Page or an Instagram Business profile becomes disconnected, if we can't discover a specific Facebook Page or Instagram Business profile you're trying to connect, or if you get a permission error, this article can help you get beyond them.

Below are ways to re-establish a connection between Ocoya and Facebook or Instagram and some troubleshooting suggestions.

Checking the permissions of your Facebook connection

Connection difficulties and “unknown” errors while submitting posts are frequently caused by incomplete permissions. To get everything back on track, follow these instructions.

  1. Log in to the Facebook personal profile of the Facebook Page's admin.

  2. Select Settings & privacy > Settings from the small drop down arrow at the upper right on your screen. Then, on the left-hand side, click Business integrations (or click this link).

  3. Click View and edit when you've found Ocoya in the list of integrations.

  4. We must ensure that all Facebook Pages are checked in all portions of the pop-up window, as illustrated below. By choosing See All Pages, each part may need to be expanded.

    Note: If you don't see any particular Pages listed in the next screens, it indicates you've already given Ocoya permission to see all of them, which is the best scenario. You won't need to check any Pages in this scenario; instead, you'll need to reestablish authorization by following the instructions in the next section.

  5. After you've selected all of the pages, click Save.

After that, try reconnecting or refreshing your Facebook or Instagram account. You can also retry any failed postings in your queue if you're working in the publishing dashboard. If the issues persist, please follow the instructions below to refresh your connection.

Removing Ocoya from Facebook's Business Integrations and re-establishing the link

In some cases, you'll need to delete Ocoya from Business Integrations in Facebook to re-establish authorisation between Ocoya and Facebook. To refresh, please follow these steps.

It's important to remember that any existing Facebook and Instagram channels you've connected to Ocoya will be disconnected, and those will need to be refreshed. Any posts already queued in Ocoya will not be removed by refreshing your Facebook or Instagram channels. Only re-establish your connection with these steps.

  1. Click the small drop-down arrow in the top right corner of your Facebook screen, then Settings & privacy > Settings. Then, on the left-hand side, click Business integrations. (or click this link).

  2. Ocoya should be added in the integrations section. To continue, this must be removed. Remove the check box after ticking it.

  3. A window with a checkbox at the bottom will appear, asking if you wish to remove Ocoya. Untick both checkboxes before clicking Remove.

  4. Then return to Ocoya and attempt your connection once more. Please allow all rights and all Pages (even Pages not related to Ocoya) during the authorisation process when joining or refreshing your Facebook or Instagram channel.

    You'll see a button that says "Choose what you allow". Due to Facebook's restrictions, this choice must be displayed at this phase; however, changing any of the permissions here will prevent us from authenticating with Facebook and connecting your Instagram.

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