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Unlock the Power of Ocoya with Upwork Professionals!
Unlock the Power of Ocoya with Upwork Professionals!

Access expertise tailored for Ocoya

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We are thrilled to share exciting news with you! Ocoya has partnered with Upwork to bring you a dedicated team of professionals ready to elevate your Ocoya experience.

What is Upwork Professionals?

Upwork Professionals is an exclusive program connecting businesses like ours with skilled freelancers specializing in three main categories:

  1. Integrations Pros: Seamlessly integrate Ocoya with your platforms for efficient marketing and content creation.

  2. Automation Pros: Unlock the full potential of Ocoya with expert help in automating webhooks and other processes.

  3. Social Account Management Pros: Manage and optimize your social media accounts with experienced professionals who understand Ocoya.

How It Works:

  1. Connect: Book a consultation or send an invite with your project details.

  2. Hire: Start a new contract with the details and deliverables you discussed.

  3. Collaborate: Keep track of the project and send messages securely.

  4. Approve: Receive your project by a set deadline. Review, approve, and pay.

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