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Why can't I see the Facebook Page I want to add?
Why can't I see the Facebook Page I want to add?

Possible solutions on why you can't see your Facebook Page

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First Solution

The first thing you can try Is changing or editing the access level

  • Click Socials and then Connect profiles

  • Once you are redirected go ahead and click Connect

  • Choose Facebook Pages/Groups. For this example we choose Facebook Pages

  • Click Edit access as shown in the picture

  • Make sure the page that you need has approved access and then exit out

Second Solution

Note: make sure you are connected to your main Facebook profile, where you have Facebook pages that you want to connect

  • Go to Go to the top right corner and click on your profile picture, then go ahead and click settings & privacy

  • Click settings

  • Scroll down until you see Business integrations and then click View and edit.

  • Make sure everything Is checked and then click Save

Third Solution

  • Follow the instructions from the second solution, but instead of clicking View and Edit, click Remove

  • Go ahead and click Remove

  • After this go-ahead and reconnect back to Facebook, you can find the article by clicking here

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