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All the different types of accounts and posts we support

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What X (Twitter) Accounts do you support?

  • We support all X (Twitter) accounts

What features/posts are available?

  • Preview is available on all Posts to see before posting

  • Links (a photo will be auto-generated as well as seen in the picture)

  • Photos/Videos

  • Carousel Posts


  • Text: Max 280 characters

  • Images: Max 4 images, Max size 5MB, no aspect ratio restrictions

  • Videos: Max 1 video, Max size 100MB, aspect ratio between 32x32 and 1280x1024, Max duration 140 seconds

  • GIFs: Max 1 GIF, Max size 15MB, dimensions max 1280x1080

  • Posts per 24 hours: 100

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