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An overview of the RSS feature
An overview of the RSS feature

Understanding RSS Feeds

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RSS Feeds

Dive into RSS Feeds with us! Uncover the basics, witness how Ocoya elevates the experience, and link your social media profiles for seamless sharing. Join us on this journey, where our AI creates captions for effortlessly engaging content delivery and enhanced connections!

Easy to link all social media accounts:

You can easily link all your social media pages without a problem and they will be synced to the RSS Feed

Powered by AI

AI powers our RSS Feed captions. Improve your writing and also save time in the same

​Note: To turn on AI Captions you have to unsubscribe from the feed and put it as draft

  • To use AI Captions first of all click Automations and then three little dots as shown in the picture

  • Click edit configuration

  • After that scroll down and where you see Caption stop there and toggle on Generate caption using AI. Then write your caption

  • Then click Test your AI prompt

  • You will be brought to AI Prompt tester, go ahead and Test the prompt that you've put in

  • You can keep testing different prompts as much as you want. You can see on your left side AI generated the prompt

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