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How to add a new member to the workspace
How to add a new member to the workspace

As owner, you control workspace creation & changes. Add members, assign roles, & accounts in your created workspace.

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To add a new member to the Ocoya workspace:

  • Click on Settings on the dashboard that is located on the left side of your screen.

  • Once you are on the Settings page go ahead and click Users.

  • You will be re-directed into the Active Users page, where you can see what users are currently active on the workspace and click Add new user.

  • On this page, you can choose what role you want to give the invitee as well as option to give the invitee the approver status.

  • Once you invite the user via email, you should see pending invites just below the active users as shown in the picture.

  • The person who is invited should receive the email shown below and then simply click. And you are done!(Note: If you are inviting an account that you manage, make sure you log out previous to clicking Accept Invitation because It will just redirect you to your account)

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