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Getting Started: A Guide to Getting Set-Up on Ocoya
Getting Started: A Guide to Getting Set-Up on Ocoya

A quick video to show how to get setup with Ocoya

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Welcome to Ocoya's platform! In this tutorial, you will get a full overview and a step-by-step guide to help you get started and create social media content 10 times faster.

Step 1: Sign Up

To begin, go to and click on "Try Free Now" if you don't have an account yet. Choose to sign up with your email or Google account, and you'll be ready to start. After signing up, you'll see an onboarding process, but you don't need to follow it since this video is your onboarding. Click "continue" until you see fireworks or confetti and click on "Let's Get Started" to jump into the fun part.

Step 2: Understanding the Platform

Before you start creating media content, let's take a look at the features Ocoya's platform offers.

The Planner

The planner is where you can create new content, schedule it, and view your content calendar. To create a post, go to "Content," and schedule it to appear on the calendar.


On the left side, you'll see the full menu. Click on "Socials" to connect your social media accounts. I highly recommend doing this first because you need an account to schedule your content.

AI Copywriter

From the left menu, select "AI Copywriter" to use artificial intelligence to generate copy. Pick a template, and eventually, you can create nice reports to show your boss or clients.


Go to "E-commerce" to connect any e-commerce and generate posts based on a product.


"Integrations" is for no-code people, but also for everyone who wants to automate their life. You can use Zapier, Airtable, and create flows. We also have an API, which developers can use to automatically create posts based on certain factors.


Lastly, go to "Settings" and you can change your workspace, theme color, and workspace name. You can also see all the functionality you have and upgrade if you desire.

Step 3: Link Your Social Accounts

Now that you have a basic understanding, click "Connect" on the left menu and choose the platform you want to link multiple accounts, such as Instagram. Authenticate with Facebook, select the profile, and you're ready to go!


That's it! With this step-by-step guide, you're now ready to create social media content 10 times faster using Ocoya's platform. Thanks for joining, and happy posting!

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