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How to use the AI Copywriter

Easy guide on how to use the AI Copywriter

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  • First, click AI Tools and then click Copywriter. Once you have been redirected go ahead and click Pick template

  • There will be a pop-up where you can choose a template for your AI copywriter, we have many ranging from google ads to writing reviews for you and many more. For this example we will be choosing to write us a Google ad

  • Type in your desired ad, for this one we are opening a social media company and we need to launch an ad for it via google. Go ahead and ask AI to create you a text and then go ahead and click Generate.

  • Your text should be instantly generated, If you don't like the text given, go ahead and click Generate again and It will regenerate again. You can either click the little rocket next to the text, this will give you option to post it or click the icon next to it to copy

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