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How to use the AI Prompt Library
How to use the AI Prompt Library

Simple guide on how to use the AI Prompt Library

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  • First of all, go ahead and click AI tools and then Prompt Library. Once you are here you can either create your prompt or choose out of our library of prompts. For this example we choose Facebook Ad

  • Double check about the prompt, how it will be shown as well as an example, If you are happy with the prompt go ahead and click Use prompt

  • You will be redirected to a page where prompts are created. Go ahead and click your desired ideas and then click Send

  • In seconds you will be presented with your Facebook ad

  • If you are not happy with the post, go ahead and ask for a different one, for this example we asked to make 3 more so I can see more options

  • Either just copy the text that AI-generated you, or just click Create post and your text will be copy and pasted into a text form in post page

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