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What are the Plans and Pricing?
What are the Plans and Pricing?

Information about our Plans and Pricing

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Checkout our pricing page HERE with a full comparison of plans HERE.

Note: We have a special plan for you if you are an enterprise. More information by clicking HERE

What are the Plans and Pricing?

Bronze - $15 a month

It is most suitable for a person who is a solopreneur or a simple individual that want's to post more efficiently, who doesn't have clients and manages his social media pages and also sometimes requires help from AI, for example having a logo made by AI, etc

  • 5 Social Profiles

  • 1 Member

  • 1 Workspace

  • 100 AI Credits/Month

  • 10GB Storage

Silver - $39 a month

Silver is suitable for a smaller agency that is still growing and has a couple of clients, for example, with this one it's easy to manage 5 different clients with separate workspaces and also with Silver plan you also have access to copywriting, AI Art and AI Captions, which bronze plan doesn't include

  • 20 Social Profiles

  • 5 Members

  • 5 Workspaces

  • 500 AI Credits

  • 50GB Storage

  • Video Library

  • Design Templates (Images)

  • Copywriting in 28 languages

  • AI Art and AI Caption

  • Shopify and Woocommerce integration

  • AI Product announcements

Gold - $79 a month

Gold is suitable for companies that are scaling their agencies to higher numbers, because here, you can have up to 20 workspaces, and 20 different team members who can manage your agency, everything is included with the Silver plan, but also you get RSS Feeds.

  • 50 Social Profiles

  • 20 Team Members

  • 20 workspaces

  • 1500 AI Credits

  • 200GB Storage

  • Design Templates (Images and Videos)

  • RSS Feeds

  • AI Performance predictors

  • AI Best time to post

  • Everything that Silver has

Diamond - $159 per month

Our biggest plan, this is most suitable for large organizations, here you can have up to 50 team members and have unlimited client workspaces. With this powerful plan you can use AI as much as you wan't because you have unlimited AI Credits and also you get access to REST API.

  • 150 Social Profiles

  • 50 Team members

  • Unlimited Workspaces

  • Unlimited AI Credits


  • Everything that Gold has

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