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How to use the Hashtag Suggestion tool
How to use the Hashtag Suggestion tool

Maximize Visibility: Harness the Hashtag Suggestion Tool - Your Ultimate Guide!

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How to use the Hashtag Suggestion tool:

  • Firstly click Planner and then Posts. Once you are redirected to the Posts page, you can go ahead and click Create New.

  • Once you are on the post creation page, go ahead and choose the social profile that you would like to post on.

  • Go ahead and write the text you want for your post and click the little hashtag logo as shown in the picture and our platform should generate hashtags based on relevance and trendiness.

  • As you can see It generated the hashtags as needed and relevant to the topic. (Note: You can click the hashtag logo as many times as you want they will generate different hashtags every time, so If you don't like the hashtags you got you can easily delete and get new ones.)

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