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Post Approval Process: A Step-by-Step Guide
Post Approval Process: A Step-by-Step Guide

Enhancing team collaboration in social media management with Ocoya

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Collaborative social media management is made efficient with Ocoya's user-friendly approval process. This guide will walk you through the steps to seamlessly approve social media posts using Ocoya.

Step 1: Adding Team Members and Granting Approver Status

To get started, add team members to your Ocoya workspace and assign "Approver" status to those who should have the authority to approve content:

  1. Log in to Ocoya.

  2. Access Your Workspace: Navigate to your organization or project.

  3. Invite New Members: Locate the invitation feature under "Settings", then click "Users", then "Add new user".

  4. Assign Approver Status: Add their email and scroll to the bottom and toggle whether the user should have "Approver" status.

Please note that the approval process requires at least one team member to have "Approver" status.

Step 2: Creating a Social Media Post

If you are an "Approver," you can create and approve social media posts. If you do not have "Approver" status, you can still create posts, but they will require approval from someone with the appropriate status:

  1. Access your Dashboard.

  2. Create a New Post: Begin drafting your social media post. It will be saved as a draft until approved.

  3. Review Content: Thoroughly examine the post to ensure it aligns with your guidelines and standards.

Step 3: Scheduling and Submitting for Approval

With your post ready, schedule it for posting and simultaneous approval:

  1. Set Posting Time: Choose a date and time for the post to go live using Ocoya's scheduling tools.

  2. Schedule: Click "Schedule" - the post is now scheduled but remains in draft status until approved.

Scheduling the post automatically sends it for approval by an "Approver."

Step 4: The Approval Process

Now, the approved user can begin the review process:

  1. Review the Post: Carefully assess the post for accuracy, quality, and alignment with guidelines.

  2. Make Edits (If Needed): If revisions are necessary, make the required edits to the post.

  3. Provide Feedback: Leave comments and feedback for the content creator, if needed.

  4. Approve or Reject: Based on the review, either approve the post for the scheduled date or reject it with feedback.

Step 5: Post Deployment

Once the post is approved, it's set to go live on the scheduled date and time. The approved post will automatically be posted at the scheduled time without further action.

With Ocoya's approval process, you can ensure that your social media content maintains high quality and consistency. This straightforward system allows for a thorough review and seamless collaboration within your team. By following these steps, you can easily manage the approval process and optimize your social media presence, ensuring that your posts meet your standards and engage your audience effectively.

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