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Submitting to the Prompt Library
Submitting to the Prompt Library

Best practices for prompts in Ocoya's Community Prompt Library

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Contributing to the Ocoya Community Prompt Library

Welcome to Ocoya's Community Prompt Library, where users can submit AI generative text prompts for colleagues and friends to enjoy. To ensure the quality and diversity of the library, please follow the guidelines below when creating and submitting prompts.

1. Thorough Testing: Before submitting your prompt, it's important to ensure that it generates accurate and coherent responses as intended. Rigorously test your prompt to guarantee its effectiveness.

2. Maintain Decency: We uphold a standard of respect and inclusivity. Therefore, all submitted prompts must be free from offensive or inappropriate content, including profanity, hate speech, discriminatory language, and explicit material. Let's keep the library welcoming for all users.

3. Utilize a Relevant Image: Visual context can enhance user engagement. We recommend using Ocoya's AI image generator plugin to attach a unique and relevant image to your prompt, making it more appealing and informative.

4. Thoughtful Prompt Naming and Description: Choose a concise yet descriptive name for your prompt that accurately reflects its content. Additionally, provide a detailed, error-free description that offers users valuable context about the prompt's purpose and potential applications.

5. Proper Prompt Categorization: Ensure that you categorize your prompt correctly. This helps users easily find relevant prompts and increases your prompt's visibility among similar ones.

6. Careful Crafting of Prompts: The core of your contribution lies in the prompt itself. Make sure it is clear, well-articulated, and instructive to guide the AI model's response effectively. Refer to our guide on creating the perfect prompt for assistance.

Note: Please do not include examples of input/output in the prompt section.

7. Showcase Conversation Examples: Examples are vital for users to understand how to use your prompt effectively. Include an example of user input and the expected output to demonstrate its functionality and potential outcomes.

8. Create Evergreen Prompts: Strive to craft evergreen prompts that remain useful across various contexts and stand the test of time. These prompts should be robust and adaptable, serving a variety of purposes over an extended period.

9. Avoid Repetition: To maintain the diversity and freshness of our library, refrain from submitting prompts that closely resemble existing ones. Before submission, search the library to ensure your prompt contributes something unique.

10. Separate Examples from Prompts: Keep the prompt text focused exclusively on the instruction or question for the AI model. Do not include example inputs or outputs within the prompt text; instead, place them in the designated example section for clarity.

11. Share Feedback and Suggestions: We highly value your input. If you encounter issues or have suggestions to improve the library, please reach out to our support team at Your feedback is instrumental in enhancing the platform. When sending your feedback, please use the following subject line format: "Prompt Library Suggestion - [Prompt Name], [Prompt Author]." This will help us efficiently categorize and address your valuable input.

Thanks for Contributing!

By adhering to these guidelines, you contribute to enriching Ocoya’s Community Prompt Library, creating a space brimming with creativity, respect, and valuable AI generative text prompts. Together, let's build a treasure trove of prompts for the enjoyment and benefit of all users!

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