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AI Copywriting: Write Quality Social Media Copy Faster and Easier
AI Copywriting: Write Quality Social Media Copy Faster and Easier

Learn how you can level-up your marketing with Ocoya

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Are you struggling to come up with social media copy for your boss or client's requests? Well, have no fear because I have a solution for you. In this tutorial, I will show you how AI copywriting can help you create quality text in no time.

Getting Started

First, let's open up Ocoya and head to the AI copywriter. Once there, you'll be prompted to write your first copy. The best part about using AI is that it saves you time, offers 26 languages to write in, and provides building blocks to easily get started.

Choose from a Variety of Templates

To make things even simpler, you can choose from a variety of templates on the left side of the page. These templates are categorized into ads, blogs, business, SEO meta descriptions, marketing angles, cold emails, creative brand names, social media, frameworks, e-commerce, fun, and video.

Let's say you click on "social media." Here, you can choose from normal social media posts, engaging social posts, and even a hashtag generator. If you're looking for more advanced copy, head over to the "frameworks" category where you can find templates such as Amazon descriptions.

Writing your Copy

For example, you can choose the "blog" template and select "Blog outline." You'll be asked to input what you're selling (optional) and some additional information. For example, let's say you're a yoga studio and you want to emphasize our uniqueness. You can even change the input and output languages.

Once you click "generate," you'll be presented with a blog outline. If you don't like it, you can generate another one until you find something that works. If you do like a particular outline, you have the option to create a social media post, copy the text, or save it as a favorite.

AI Assistants

But wait, there's more! Ocoya also has an AI assistant that you can chat with to help you generate even more content. And don't worry about losing your previous copies because they're all saved in the history section.


So, there you have it. With AI copywriting, you can easily create quality social media copy in a matter of minutes. Happy writing!

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